1) (tending to be often ill: a sickly child.) enfermizo
2) (suggesting sickness; pale; feeble: She looks sickly.) pálido
sickly adj
1. empalagoso
a sickly cake un pastel empalagoso
2. enfermizo
a sickly child un niño enfermizo
adjective (comp sicklier, superl sickliest)
1 (person) enfermizo,-a; (pale) pálido,-a, paliducho,-a
2 (smell, taste) empalagoso,-a, dulzón,-ona; (smile) forzado,-a; (colour) horrible, asqueroso,-a
sickly ['sɪkli] adj, sicklier ; -est
1) : enfermizo
agostizo, -a adj.
canijo, -a adj.
enclenque adj.
enfermizo, -a adj.
enteco, -a adj.
entelerido, -a adj.
lánguido, -a adj.
malsano, -a adj.
malucho, -a adj.
pálido, -a adj.
quebradizo, -a adj.
quebrado, -a adj.

I 'sɪkli
adjective -lier, -liest
a) (unhealthy) <complexion/child> enfermizo
b) (cloying) <taste/smell> empalagoso; <color/green> horrible, asqueroso


sickly sweet — demasiado empalagoso or (Andes tb) hostigoso

ADJ (compar sicklier) (superl sickliest)
1) [person] (=unwell, feeble) enfermizo, enclenque; (=pale) pálido; [smile] forzado; [plant] débil
2) (=cloying) [taste, smell] empalagoso

sickly sweet — dulzón

* * *

I ['sɪkli]
adjective -lier, -liest
a) (unhealthy) <complexion/child> enfermizo
b) (cloying) <taste/smell> empalagoso; <color/green> horrible, asqueroso


sickly sweet — demasiado empalagoso or (Andes tb) hostigoso

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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